We at Sanman Capacitors are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of LT Capacitor, LT Power Capacitors, HT Capacitors, HT Power Capacitors, MPP Capacitors For Fans, Capacitors For Motors, Capacitors For Lighting Fixtures, Motor Start Electrolytic Capacitors, Capacitor Winding Elements, Capacitor Windings, Run Capacitors, Box Type Run Capacitors, Motor Start Capacitors, Special Purpose Capacitors, 1 (Single) Phase Capacitors, Fan Capacitors, APFC Panels (Automatic Power Factor Control Panels / Correction Panels), 25 KVAr APFC Panels, KVAr Capacitors, Oil Filled Capacitors, Harmonic Filters. Our setup is situated in Sangli, Maharashtra, India.

Sanman Capacitors is promoted by Mr. Sadanand M. Joshi the proprietor who hails from a own company BHUSHAN PORT WORLD.( Import & Export specially in capacitor material ).
The company has started manufacturing unit in Sangli engaged in production of all types of MPP Capacitors. The product of company is marketed under the brand name SANMAN which is popular with manufacturer of panels and OEM’s market.

SANMAN Brand capacitors are produced in the latest technologies & clean environment having automatic winding machine and spraying units. With a large choice of designs we extend wide range from 0.8 Mfd. To 144 Mfd. in 250 /440 VAC.

As the buyers demands quality, assurance and service our production as well as administrative staff emphasize after sales service under the guidance of Mr. Sadanand M. Joshi.

We, Sanman Capacitors are in the business of providing a complete solution to all kinds of needs of the customers in the area of power and controls.
For this purpose we have established our main products as,

  • 440 V. 1-Phase, 50Hz., A.C. Motor Run type Capacitors.
  • 230 V, 1-Phase, 50Hz., A.C. Motor Start type Capacitors.
  • CRC Can Enclosure, Bushing Type, 1-Phase Capacitors.
  • Capacitors For Lighting Fixtures.
  • All types of 440 V, 3 - Phase ( KVAr ) Capacitors.
  • Capacitors Winding Elements.
  • APFC Panels.

Why Sanman Capacitor………?

The use of Capacitors has brought in awareness among buyers regarding Product, Performance, to great extent. Buyer demands assurance of the product in terms of Performance, Precision and efficiency. A well equipped and tested “SANMAN CAPACITOR” provides the same things to meet customer’s needs as,

  • Qualified and Experienced staff.
  • Adequate quality assurance.
  • Sound specified procedure and valid test methods.
  • Calibrated testing equipments.
  • Prompt services.