Capacitors For Motors:

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Capacitors For Motors, Air Conditioner (AC) Motor Run Capacitors, Compressor Motor Run Capacitors from Sangli, Maharashtra, India. Sanman Motor Run capacitors are designed to meet the necessary requirements for Motor, Air Conditioning, Compressors and general purpose AC applications.


SANMAN Brand Motor Run capacitors are manufactured using imported metallised polypropylene film with 3 layers of zinc-aluminum alloy. This MPP is used as a dielectric between to electrodes winch are obtained by spraying both sides of an element with automatic spraying machine. Also heavy edges at the ends of film make better electrical contacts.

Sanman Motor-Run capacitors have the following characteristics:

  • Low internal power losses which leads to conserve energy
  • Self Healing with very low dissipation factor
  • Excellent stability with temperature and time
  • One year warranty
  • Designed to operate over the case
  • Temperature of -40 degree C to 85oC

Specifications :

Confirming to IS 2993 ( For Motors ), IS 1709 ( For Fans ), IS 1569 ( For Lighting Fixtures ).

1 MFD to 144 Mfd
+- 5% / +- 10%
Rated Voltage
230 V / 415V / 440V / 600 VAC
Outer case & Terminals
Plastic or aluminum housing with tag or cable termination